Getting Summer Beauty Ready With M & S

Now summer has finally arrived (hello heatwave!) I'm trying to change up my beauty routine to suit the weather. Marks and Spencer recently got in touch to share some of the amazing brands and summer beauty products they stock. I've purchased a few beauty products already from my local store as they stock brands that I struggle to find elsewhere on the high street and I like that the beauty section is bright, clean and well set out. When it comes down to my summer tips, theres a few things I do to get into hot weather mode!

Scrub, scrub, scrub!
I enjoy using a body scrub all year round but when I know that my skin is going to be more exposed then I concentrate on problem areas. Areas that are prone to dry skin need a good scrub. On my knees, elbows and even feet, I like to use a scrub, such as the Rituals Hamman Hot scrub*. This salt scrub is really rich meaning its ideal for really dry areas. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and super smooth after use. 

Get a glow on!
Being as pale as a milk bottle means having a tan isn't the norm for me and when I do, its usually faux. However, that doesn't mean I dont enjoy glowing skin. Nuxe are one of my favourite brands and a great product from them is the Prodigieux Shower Oil*. This oil contains a golden shimmer and has a soft fragrance. It leaves my skin feeling like velvet and is just an all round lovely shower product.

Tone up!
OK, so I'm pretty lazy when it comes to working out - anyone else go through exercise fads? Luckily, theres a few products that can help. The Fat Girl Slim Arm Candy* is designed to provide a smoother and more toned appearance. I've only just started using this but the cream feels firming and I like the massage applicator. 

Rock a bright lip!
Summer is the perfect time to wear bright lipstick. A bright lip is so easy to wear and I love that you can wear it with minimal eye makeup. The Diego Dalla Palma Matt Lipstick* in 198 is a beautiful pink/red that's not overly bright but still packs a punch. The consistency is creamy and leaves a matte finish without feeling drying!

Cool down!
After being exposed to the sun, its a good idea to use products that will help to moisturise the skin. The Ultrasun Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask* is a lightweight moisturiser enriched with hyaluronic acid. I've been using this in place of my moisturiser and it feels cooling, soothing and hydrating. Despite being labelled as a summer skin product, you could easily use this all year round as it makes a lovely light moisturiser that's suitable for all skin types due to it absorbing instantly and not leaving any residue. 

Strawberry & Cranberry Smoothie with Kenwood Smoothie 2 Go Maker

I'm forever trying to get healthy. Usually I begin a healthy eating plan and fall at the first hurdle so I've decided to try some baby steps instead. I'm not the greatest cook but even I can put together a few ingredients to make a smoothie, especially with a good blender. Whipping together a few smoothies is so easy with the Kenwood Smoothie 2 Go Maker*. Unlike other blenders I've used, I find the smoothie maker is easy to clean, takes seconds to blend the ingredients together and transforms into a travel mug so you can take your smoothie with you on the go! It also has an ice crushing function too! I'd highly recommend it for anyone new to making smoothies as its easy to use and affordable.

My favourite smoothie to make at the moment is a delicious strawberry and cranberry smoothie. This is one you'll enjoy if you have a sweet tooth like me!

A handful of strawberries
Half a small banana
250ml of cranberry juice

Simply place the ingredients into the mixing jug on your smoothie maker and blend. Pour into a glass and serve. If you're being extra healthy, you could add a few flax seeds or even a little coconut. 

Are you a smoothie fan?

A Change of Name...

I think its around 2 weeks since I last blogged on here, which feels like a lifetime. This is the longest break I've had since starting this space over 3 years ago but its feels good to have taken the time to refresh and have some time off. In reality, I've been working and adjusting to life with a little kitten (she's super cute!). You may have noticed that I've changed my design and blog name too. There was nothing wrong with my old blog name Sweet Electric but I always wanted my name as part of my blog name. Unfortunately I dont have a cool name, so Oh Zoe will have to do. I've got loads to blog about and I'm itching to get started again. I'll also be resuming posting on my other blog Diary of a freelancer too as well as some other things I've got in the pipeline! Stay tuned xxx