Awesome Advertisers #2

This month, I've been lucky enough to have some amazing sponsors on my sidebar. Not only are these awesome ladies but they have super amazing blogs too. I've decided to split this post into two parts in order to share these bloggers with you. Here is the second part of several lovely ladies gracing my sidebar in November. P.S If you're interested in sponsoring my blog in December, you can check out all the details here.

Cherry Pie

I began CherryPieBlog as a platform to showcase my published and unpublished writing. It mainly featured CD and Gig reviews as that was what I specialised in at the time, but it has slowly developed into a general Fashion/Beauty blog. I am loving writing about all things beauty related and hopefully if you head over to check me out, you'll enjoy what you see. :)

Hi! My name is Michelle, I’m 30 year old girl living near Norwich. I have an office job, a husband and a lovely little boy called Freddy. These take up most of my time so when I’m not at work, running around after my 3 year old or other half, I spend my time blogging! 
I started Thou Shalt Not Covet as a blog dedicated to my obsession with beautiful things, it has gradually evolved to include a focus on beauty, fashion and jewellery,product reviews and features, nail art, wedding plans and diet updates – a bit of everything really! Please feel free to stop by and say hi!

Hi there. My names Fran and as the name probably gives away, I blog at Originally a country mouse, I took the plunge and moved to West London. You'll normally find me with either my camera, a cup of tea or a good book in hand. I write about the things I love most, namely makeup, clothes and going on adventures. I love to meet other bloggers, so come say hi!

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Jordan Alice 

Hi everyone! I’m Jordan, a 22 year old beauty blogger, currently on medical leave from university with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My blog focuses mainly on beauty reviews and hauls, although in the future I’d like to try some lifestyle posts. I set up my blog mainly because I’m sure my friends and family were getting fed up of me constantly telling them about my new favourite blushes or the new products I was looking forward to trying! It has also helped me to deal with my illness a lot, being bed-bound for days on end can get very boring & lonely! Although I haven’t been blogging for long, I absolutely love it! I hope if you pop by you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them! x

Hi! My blog is called Lovely Witches - I blog about cruelty-free, vegetarian and vegan beauty. My name's Gemima and I'm from South Wales, UK. My posts are for anyone curious about buying cruelty-free. On Lovely Witches, you'll find reviews of affordable beauty products that aren't tested on animals, made without animal ingredients. Skincare, make-up, haircare and nail polish posts all from an animal lover.

My name is Emily and I’m a 22 happy-go-lucky kinda girl and a self-professed makeup obsessive that works in a Zoo! I set up ‘British Beauty Addict’ just over a year ago after reading numerous beauty blogs and thinking 'I could do that’. My blog has been a place for me to gush about my latest beauty finds, favourite lipsticks and current beauty addictions, to people who are just as beauty obsessive as I am (rather than to all my friends, family and my boyfriend, who I’m sure really isn’t all that interested!).  If you come and visit my little beauty bubble, I hope you enjoy my content as much as I enjoy writing it for you. Emily x

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The Beauty Collection

The Beauty Collection is a beauty blog written by Ash, a 19-year-old girl from Melbourne who hoards lipstick, nail polish and basically any other beauty item. TBC is a space for product recommendations, pretty pictures and hopefully an all round good time. New posts featuring favourite products and helpful hints go up every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

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Natillie is a beauty based and lifestyle influenced blog by me, Natalie! I'm a busy university student who loves exploring new, especially natural, products. I hope you visit my blog and enjoy it!

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Sharing My Favourite Sweet Electric Posts

As I've been blogging for almost three years now, I thought I'd take stock of all my blog posts and do a lil' reflecting. Here are a few of my favourite posts that I've written on here and some light Sunday reading inspiration.

* A super easy DIY phone case

* hydration, hydration, hydration

* five ways to feel more positive

* pale girls can bronze and contour

* a 99p MAC 217 dupe

* green tea | the benefits

* liners for every budget

* an ode to MAC satin taupe

* 5 ways to solve writers block

* things you think you need (but dont) to be a blogger

* your blog is a blog

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8 Tips for New Bloggers #2

Following on from my tips for new bloggers here, I thought I'd follow it up with a little bit more advice for those who are relatively new to blogging. 

1. Take blog advice with a pinch of salt
Without completely contradicting myself, when I write tips and advice style posts I always aim to write them as suggestions and not how to's. Its completely OK to read blog tips and tricks posts and not agree with them. If you have your own way of doing things then you should completely carry on doing just that. Tips are tips, they're not set in stone and you should definitely do what works for you.With that in mind, take the below with a pinch of salt.

2. Bloglovin
Bloglovin is a fantastic platform for allowing readers to subscribe to your blog. Now google friend connect is pretty much redundant these days, bloglovin is probably the most popular way to follow your favourite blogs. I've found so many new blogs on there and useful posts too.

3. Being organised will help you to keep up with your blog
I find it much easier to stay on top of my blog when I've organised my photos and blog posts. Just something like keeping a notebook for ideas, a weekly planner and a checklist will help you to organise your time much better.

4. Change is OK
You don't have to stick with the same ideas/blog themes/content if it's not making you happy. You may start as a beauty blog and later decide you want to focus on fashion. Don't feel boxed in when it comes to blogging - you can write whatever you want. Remember its your blog!

5. Photo editing
I highly doubt many bloggers upload their photos straight from their camera to their blog. A little bit of editing can make your photographs look so much nicer. I wrote about an easy editing process here.

6. It's OK to turn down opportunities
Its perfectly fine to turn down opportunities that come your way if its not for you. It's very tempting to say yes to everything and theres been a few times I've regretted saying yes to things when I should have given it some thought beforehand. If your hearts not in then don't be afraid to say no.

7. Its OK if certain posts don't work
When you're finding your feet with blogging you'll no doubt try a few different types of posts. I still like to try different things and sometimes it goes down like a lead balloon. Sometimes things don't work - it happens and you move on. Don't be afraid to try different things even if you have a fail now and again. As the saying goes, you don't always know until you've tried.

8. It takes time to grow
Most blogs take time to grow. It can be frustrating if your stats aren't growing as quickly as you'd hope but I'd say try to focus on producing good content that will grab a readers attention rather than on the numbers. It can take months or even years before a blog starts to build up in terms of readership so don't worry if your blog isn't quite there yet. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day and hard work pays off!

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Recent Lifestyle Favourites

It's been a while since I wrote about my lifestyle favourites but I have a few lovely things to talk about. I also seem to have completely forgotten how to write a blog post after taking a few days off this week so I apologise if I ramble on. I have some really exciting things coming up on here soon - I know I'm biased but its something good to look out for!

Back to today's post and firstly, I received the beautiful classy bristol watch from Daniel Wellington. I've never owned a really nice watch so I'm truly grateful to have this little gem in my life. The Bristol watch has a leather strap - it comes in black, brown and tan so you pick one to suit your style. The face has swarovski crystals all around the outside and the plating is available in rose gold or silver. I choose rose gold as I think it adds an elegant touch.

I have really small wrists and this watch fits perfectly. The case is 26mm so its ideal for those who prefer smaller styles. I find the majority of watches look far too big on my wrist and normally have straps too long but this one is a brilliant fit. The watches on the Daniel Wellington website all have free delivery and you can get 15% off any order with the code sweetelectric - expires November 30th.

Although I didn't purchase this all that recently, I need to mention my love for Primark homeware. I love the bedding section in particular, however I spotted this french shabby chic style cushion for £6 and purchased it for my bedroom. I always find something in Primani whether it clothes or home items!
I don't mention it much on here as its primarily a beauty blog but I love to read. I think I need to sign up to my local library as buying books adds up. I'm the type of person that hates new technology. OK, I don't hate it as such but I would rather buy actual books rather than a kindle. My recent read is 'It's Not Me, It's You' by Mhari McFarlane. I'm not the biggest chick lit fan but I've read her previous two books and quite enjoyed them. This one is definitely in the chick lit genre - its a little too cliched at times but I enjoyed it and if you're looking for a nice light read then this would be perfect. Plus its only £3.85 for the hardback on Amazon!

Like a few others, I'm a big Kate Spade fan. Theres now a new UK website with free delivery and I've definitely got a massive wish list for Christmas. I love this laptop case. There's also some really pretty jewellery too. However, I'm hoping for the agenda, which isn't on the site so fingers crossed. 

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Brow 101!

As someone with naturally sparse brows, I like to add a good product to make them look more styled and defined. I'm currently trying to grow them out to get a better shape but there are a few products I use to make them look better. 

To fill my brows in I use a brow powder - currently I use either the Beauty UK Brow Kit* or the Makeup Revolution Brow Kit*. Both of these are super cheap and really good products. In both of these kits, there are 3 matte powder shadows and a brow wax. To be honest, I don't really bother with a wax but I prefer to apply the powder with an angled brush. These kits have mini brushes which are fine for travelling but for everyday use, I prefer the Sigma Angled Brow Brush.

After applying colour, I use the RMK Brow Gel* - a clear gel which holds brows in place throughout the day. I really like the curved wand as it allows you to follow the natural curve of the brow. 
Another brow product I really rate is the Sleek Brow Stylist Pen, which is a wind up brow crayon with a waxy formula. I've heard this is meant to be a dupe of the Hourglass Brow Pen and its a hell of a lot cheaper too. I really like this pen as it has a crayon style texture - its soft, pigmented and as its waxy it helps to keep hairs in place too. It isn't the best for really sparse brows but for brows that need a little filling in and styling then this is almost a two in one product. 

What are your favourite brow products?

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Giveaway! Win A Jewel Candle!

Jewel candle is an interesting concept - if you like jewellery and you like candles, putting the two together is a genius idea. Inside every candle is a ring or earrings worth up to £250. The jewellery is actually placed in special heat resistant foil so you don't have to worry about cleaning your new piece of jewellery. Its also placed in the middle of the candle so you don't have to wait until the whole candle is burned for your treat. Jewel candle comes in a range of scents - I have cookies and cream, which is super yummy! You can get 10% all order with code sweetelectric10

The generous people at Jewel candle have offered one candle to one lucky reader, which would make a lovely pre-Christmas treat. To enter, simply fill in the rafflecopter form below. Good Luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Using An Editorial Calendar

Whilst its not essential, I like to use an editorial calendar to plan my blog content. Obviously, only you can decide whether an editorial calendar will work for you but if you're looking to use one then the following may help.

Where can I get an editorial calender from?
I use a rifle paper co weekly planner and I've seen similar ones pretty cheap in B&M. If you're not looking to purchase one then you're in luck as there are many free ones on the internet. Here are three free ones to choose from:

What does an editorial calendar do?
Don't be afraid of the name 'editorial'. An editorial calendar is a way to plan and organise your blog content each week/month. You can also use it to keep track of your social media too.

How do I use it?
In an editorial calendar, you'll have spaces for each day - much like a diary or calendar. In these spaces, you can add notes on your blog content and use them as a to do list. For instance, in my editorial calendar, I'll make a note of which posts are going to be published on that day. What you decide to write on your editorial calendar is down to you but you could also include aspects, such as tweets to write, photos to take, emails to send etc. 

Why should I use one?
It depends on what you want to do but I personally use one to keep track of my content, to stay organised, to help to come up with content ideas and to stay motivated. 

Extending your editorial calendar. 
If you want to go beyond your blog content, you could include blog events, guest posts, planning stages and blog series.

Creating an editorial calendar is a really easy process - much more than you think!It can help keep on track with your blog and keep the blog process fun. Do you use an editorial calendar?

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Awesome Advertisers #1

This month, I've been lucky enough to have some amazing sponsors on my sidebar. Not only are these awesome ladies but they have super amazing blogs too. I've decided to split this post into two parts in order to share these bloggers with you. Here are the first of several lovely ladies gracing my sidebar in November. P.S If you're interested in sponsoring my blog in December, you can check out all the details here.

Hiya! I'm Rhiannon from and my blog is all about fashion, with the exception of #FashionFreeFridays which are often beauty related. I'm an A level student, and so I always try to make sure my outfits are affordable, so you may see a couple of posts about saving money on your clothes and makeup (which is always useful). My style is incredibly feminine, with lots of dresses, floral patterns and pink! I've been blogging for a few months and have absolutely adored every moment, so please go and have a look at my blog, and you can find me on twitter and instagram by searching @rhiannon_525! x

Best Wishes, Rhiannon x


Louminous is a beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle blog written by me, Lucy Old (or Lou). A creative outlet whilst doing a degree in Biochemistry it started out as my way of expressing my girly, artistic side. During this time, it has slowly developed a much wider range of topics, be it book recommendations, DIYs or creative ways to store your jewellery. Along with a large dose of make up looks, nail art ideas and the best beauty products season by season. In essence, whichever harebrained idea I come up with next. I've been around in the blogging world for around 6 years now so grab a cuppa and stay for a while, I love a good ol' chinwag! :)

Hi I'm Hannah and I blog at Hannah Bakes Things. I'm 22, living in the Midlands and cake is my spirit animal. I'm all about simple, achievable home cooking and love creating new recipes (mostly desserts). On the blog you will usually find me talking about dessert or my obsession with chai tea. I'm very friendly (especially if food is involved) so if you'd like to say hi you can also find me on twitter: @hannahwebs

The Fox and The Furrow

I'm Abigail, a country girl from Norfolk who's just jumped into the cosmopolitan life of London. I'm trying my best to start a 'simple living' lifestyle, which involves lots of baking, slow food, crafts and a good stomp in the outdoors. Sometimes at odds with the regular demands of a 22-year old, my blog is an online scrapbook of figuring out 'what's next' whilst discovering my new city, London. There's always a piece of my heart in Norfolk, so I sneak it into my blog whenever I can! I feature all the lovely things in life, with a little culture and thought thrown in too, so come and join me for a cosy chat. Just bring a book, in case I'm late...

Hello, I am Iris! I am a beauty and lifestyle bloggers with a love for d.i.y and beautiful things. 
 I am a professional makeup and hairstylist and love to share tips of the trade.  

Hi, I'm Catherine and I blog over at The Beauty Trove. I'm a twenty something born and bred Yorkshire girl, with a love of pink, nail polish and all things girly.

The Beauty Trove is a blog for beauty lovers and girly girls alike, with a love of make up, fashion, nail polish and all things pretty. Head on over for a mixed bag of a blog with beauty news, reviews, nail art and more, theres something for everyone. Hope to see you there. 

All Things Beautiful

Hello, I'm Beth from All Things Beautiful! I recently dropped out of college to pursue blogging and child care- in that order! And I am much happier for it. I am sure you will find something on All Things Beautiful that you'll like from yummy recipes to tips for your blog. Blogging is my passion and I am incredibly enthusiastic about it so I hope this comes across on my blog. I would love to see you over there and please make sure you say hi! 

Autumn/Winter Beauty

There are a fair few products I'm reaching for this season. At this time of year, I seem to go for more moisturising skincare products. The harsh weather and central heating really dries skin out so trying to retain moisture and put some back into my skin is one of my main beauty priorities. 
One area that gets really dry are my hands. I like to wear gloves outside, which does help but a good hand cream doesn't go amiss. I like the Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream* - my Mum swears by Nivea hand creams and I have a bit of an attachment to the Nivea brand as it was the first skincare line I ever used. This hand cream feels nourishing and hydrating without that greasy feeling. It soaks in pretty quickly too, which is exactly what a good hand cream should do. This cream is budget friendly too - I always usually go for a budget version as you can easily get hold of them from the Supermarket when you're doing the weekly shop. 

For legs, one of my all time must haves is the Nip & Fab Dry Leg Fix. I've been through a few tubes of this stuff and its brilliant for solving dry skin. I'd describe this as an instant fix as you can feel a difference straight away. It makes legs feel smooth, soft and moisturised. I read somewhere that Jennifer Aniston uses this cream (I have no idea if that's true) buts shes my leg inspiration - is that even a thing ha! It's a little bit more expensive than your average body lotion but its worth paying more for. The scent is also slightly overpowering and medicinal but considering the results its something to overlook.

I'm pretty sure that when it comes to dry skin, my feet are the area that needs a good beauty treatment. Feet tend to get overlooked as its not really an area you pay much attention to. My main foot cream is the Soap & Glory Heel Genius. I love the scent of this as its your general soap and glory scent - slightly floral but comforting. Whilst this cream is green and might look a bit off putting at first, its a really great hydrating foot cream. I usually apply this at night and leave it to work its magic but its not particularly greasy so you can always pop it on in the morning too. 

Two recent (ish) releases from The Body Shop include the White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Toilette*. I had a bit of an obsession with white musk when I was a teen - I used to have a white musk spray I would use after PE (oh and impulse - who didn't?!). This version is a smoky rose flancor. This is described as a daring and mysterious fragrance with notes of musk, black smoky rose and tobacco flower. Fragrance is a personal thing but I would say that this is quite a seductive aroma. It is very smoky and you can detect the tobacco flower straight away. This wont be for anyone who doesn't like smoky scents but if warm musks are your thing then this is one to take a look at.

When it comes to body care, The Body Shop Body Sorbets have been a product I've been really interested in trying out. I've been lucky to test out the Moringa Body Sorbet*. The texture of these is really interesting - basically as it says on the name, it feels like a sorbet. When you apply it to the skin, it feels very light, soft and cooling but it takes a while to sink in. My skin feels extremely hydrated after use and smells really fruity fresh. The scent is basically a burst of summer sunshine, which is a nice feeling on a drab, winters day. Really lovely.

For skincare, the Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Rose Radiance Skin Serum* has been my dry skin saviour. Whilst my skin is generally oily/combination, in Winter I suffer from dry skin patches so having a good moisturiser in my routine is a must. This serum is packed with plant oils, including evening primrose oil and jojoba oil to renew and replenish. Its light, soaks in super quickly and doesn't leave any oily residue. As the name suggests, its rose scented to leave a slight lingering scent on the skin. So far, my skin hasn't suffered with any dryness so this stuff has really been working its magic. Its the type of product that would work on any skin type as its light, gentle and has more of a creamy gel texture than an oil. Whilst its more expensive than a high street serum, it really does work and its worth the price tag (in my opinion). If you're looking for a lovely skin serum, then this is one to put on your list this Christmas!

Have you tried any of these products?

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Fashion Friday | ASOS Clearance Picks

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Fashion Friday is a new feature every fortnight in which I pick out a few of the best budget or sale buys from around the net! You can see the previous edition here.

My favourite online store is by far ASOS. It's the first place I go to when I'm looking for something to wear as I know they'll have something I like. The clearance section is also really good too. I usually find a few things in there - I've spotted a few things I like which I've added to my Christmas list so fingers crossed they dont sell out. 

A few of my top picks include this cropped patterned jumper (1). I wouldn't normally go for something so bright in winter but I love how they've styled this. Plus I don't think it looks too cropped either so you don't have to worry about your muffin top. The next thing I love is this gold and brown bangle (2). It reminds me of a Marc Jacobs one and looks so much more expensive than it is. ASOS have some gorgeous accessories, including Ted Baker. This Ted Baker makeup bag (3) is stunning and would make a nice Xmas gift. One for my wishlist.

On the bag front, there are several sale items that stand out but if I had to pick one it would be this pink satchel (4) for just £12. The colour really pops and will brighten up a winter outfit. I think it would be a nice evening bag too as its the perfect size. Finally, in the shoe section I spotted these black lace up boots (5). I'm the type of person who wears boots all year round so I like to have a few different pairs. For £16, these are stylish and purse friendly. 

I've also got a few things bookmarked ready for the winter sale, which is normally a good'un (at least on the clothes side - the beauty section is usually meh!)

Do you have any ASOS favourites?

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HTML Cheat Sheet For Blogger

I've uploaded a few html tutorials in the past but today I thought I'd do a little update and add a few more popular codes. These are all really easy to apply to your blog and you can add them via the template designer in blogger. Simply go to the add css section in the template designer and copy and paste the coding you want into the blank box. click apply and you'll see the changes. Sometimes blogger likes to play up and not co-operate so if you don't see the changes straight away, you may need to copy and paste into the html directly (above the ]]></b:skin> ).

Centreing the post header

.post-title {
text-align: center;

Centreing the date header

.date-header {
text-align: center;

Centreing the sidebar headers

.sidebar h2 {
text-align: center !important;

Centreing the page titles

.PageList {text-align:center !important;}
.PageList li {display:inline !important; float:none !important;}

Re-sizing blog photos to the same size

.post-body img { width:600px; height:auto; }

you can increase or decrease the number in yellow to change the width of your photos

Increasing space between the sidebar and post area

position: relative;
left: 40px !important;

you can increase or decrease the number in yellow to change the size of the space

Increasing the space between your posts

.post-footer {
   margin-bottom: 85px!important;}

you can increase or decrease the number in yellow to change the size of the space

Adding a border to the sidebar

.sidebar {
border: 1px solid #000000;
padding: 5px;

You can change the number in yellow to change the width of border and size of padding. You can change the colour code in blue to the shade of your choice - you can find html colour codes here

If there's any coding you'd like to see, let me know in the comments below!

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The £6 Eyeshadow Palette You Need...

Makeup palettes are definitely my thing. After spying Makeup Academy's latest release - the Elysium Eyeshadow palette it was a must have purchase, especially at just £6. 

The Elysium palette contains 10 shadows and a duo eyeliner/highlighter. I don't own the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette but this one looks like it might be similar in terms of containing rose based and neutral shades. I have to say that I'm impressed with the quality of the shadows, especially for the price. Every one feels smooth, soft and pigmented. The Duo liners are also creamy and pigmented too. 

From left to right:

Air - matte cream 

Cherub - pearl shimmer rose gold

Charm - matte dusky beige pink 

From left to right:

Refine - matte medium rose toned beige

Enhance - pearl medium brown 

Adore - black/brown base with multi shimmer

From left to right:

Astral - pearl rose

Grace - pearl brown

Smoke - matte black

Seraphic - pearl copper/gold

black liner

nude liner (highlight)

Overall, there are some gorgeous shades in this palette - my favourites are charm, enhance, grace and seraphic, which all perform brilliantly, The matte black shade smoke impressed me as its highly pigmented and not too dry - I find a lot of matte blacks can feel chalky. The only shade thats not as great is adore as its slightly drier than the other shades.
I'm also really surprised by the liners - I expected them to be so-so but they're both really nice and its great to find both a black for a smokier eye and a nude for brightening. MUA seem to have gone under the radar recently due to Makeup Revolution taking off in the beauty world. However, I really recommend this palette. Its such a great budget buy and would make a nice little stocking filler for Xmas! You can purchase it from the MUA store here or Superdrug online here with free delivery on orders of £10 and over.

Have you tried any MUA palettes?

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Most Loved In October!

I'm not sure where this year has gone but its whizzed by. Does anyone else feel that time goes quicker as they get older? Though I'm looking forward to my birthday this month and also getting ready for Christmas! I've found a few beauty gems in the past month - some already have their own post and some are on my check list of things to write about. However, I wanted to give a mention to a few products that have made an impact in the past few weeks.

I've used a few Claudia Louch products and I've been impressed with all of them. Theres not many brands you can truly say that about but they are pretty special. The Botanical Cleansing Lotion* has been my go to cleanser this month. I don't use cleansers for removing my makeup as I prefer to use baby lotion (cheap as chips) or a micellar water and then follow up with a cleanser to make sure any residue is removed. The Claudia Louch Cleansing Lotion is a creamy mild foaming cleanser. I know foaming cleansers are meant to be on the drying side but personally I haven't noticed any dryness with this one. I'm not sure if thats because its only slightly foaming - I mix this cleanser with a tiny bit of water and splash over my face as I find its more refreshing when used in that way. This cleanser is paraben, SLS and fragrance free with aloe, chamomile and green tea, so its very gentle and soothing too.
Another skincare product I've been using consistently is The Body Shop Argan Oil Body Butter* (reviewed in more detail here). This moisturiser is incredibly hydrating and soothing to prevent dry skin. It keeps my skin feeling smooth and soft with a light, gorgeous scent. Lovely.

On the make up front, one of my all time favourite budget buys is the NYX Blush in taupe. I use this for contouring and bronzing as its cool toned and compliments my pale skin. You can see it swatched here but I really recommend it for pale girls looking for a nice bronze or contour powder shade. Speaking of an amazing makeup buy - I'm really enjoying using the Wild About Beauty Lipstick in maddy - a glossy nude beige. Wild About Beauty seems to go under the radar and this is the first item I've tried from them but I really do love this lipstick. It comfortable to wear, lightweight and infused with argan oil and mango butter to keep lips moisturised. If you're looking for a nice nude lipstick then definitely check this out.
Last but not least is the Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Candle* - a calming frankincense and cardamon to relax housed in a glass jar with the AA logo. It has a burning time of 40 hours and is made with soy wax and unbleached cotton wick. Really lovely.

What have you been loving this month?

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Get A New Blog Design For £6!

A while ago, I opened my own little shop on Etsy selling pre-made blog designs/templates. Well this week I've been busy giving the shop an update and all templates have had slight alterations. I've also added one or two new designs too with a few more to be added over the next few weeks. The templates have been tested on google chrome, internet explorer and firefox to ensure they work perfectly. I've also added installation as an option to purchase too for anyone who needs it, though each template does come with instructions if you want to install it yourself. 

You might be wondering why they are so cheap? As a new blogger, I struggled to find templates that not only I liked but were inexpensive too. I decided to learn all about html as I simply couldn't afford to purchase a template at the time. The majority of bloggers blog as a hobby so its always always been important to me to keep prices low - whether you're just starting out on your blogging journey or you're looking to freshen up your current blog. Over time, I hope there will be something for everyone and I'm working on a few more graphics too.

If you're interested in seeing what I offer, you can find my shop here.

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