Bioderma Micellar Water Vs Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Theres always a few hyped up products in the beauty blogging world. One of the first I ever came across was the Bioderma Micellar Water.
If you're not familiar with micellar waters, I class them as a one step makeup remover/cleanser that don't need washing off/removing. Recently, I received the Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water so I thought it would be good to compare with a recent addition to the beauty market - Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.
The Bioderma Micellar Water 500ml* is available in the UK in three variants - hydrabio h20 for skin sensitivity and dehydration, sebium h20 for combination/oily skin and sensibio for normal/dry skin. All are alcohol and fragrance free. I currently use the Sensibio version, which is available in three sizes - 100ml, 250ml and 500ml. It removes makeup quickly and perfectly and is fine to use on the eye area. Its non greasy, soothing and leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed.
An amazing dupe for the bioderma water is Garniers version. The Garnier Micellar Water is available in a 400ml bottle. Like Bioderma, the Garnier version is alcohol and fragrance free. I find its slightly lighter on the skin than Bioderma but it takes more water to remove your daily makeup than Bioderma's version. However, it doesn't leave any residue and makes my skin feel clean and soft after use. 
Both these waters work well at removing makeup and both are far better than the Loreal version which I find to be quite soapy and leaves a tacky feeling. In terms of price, there is a vast difference between the two. Bioderma is £14.50 for a 500ml bottle, whilst Garnier is £4.99 for 400ml. For me, both of these do the job of removing my makeup at the end of a day. The garnier version is cheaper and probably easier to get hold of so it would be my preferred choice but if I wanted a treat I would opt for the Bioderma version. Personally, I would rather pay more for my cleanser,toner and moisturiser rather than my makeup remover but there really isn't much difference between these two versions so I think it really comes down to how much you want to pay and which one is easier to get hold of.

Have you tried either of these?


  1. Great review! I was considering getting the Garnier one, but didn't know whether it was any good. I will have to give it a try though.

  2. I'd love to try Garnier's version and see if it's better than the L'Oréal :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. I just ran out of my L'Oreal one and plan on getting the Garnier one - it's much cheaper than L'Oreal too (if you consider the value) and in a better packaging xx
    xx, moonchild beauty blog

  4. I am glad the garnier one worked out as I am a makeup artist and getting hold of bioderma can sometimes be hard.

    Emily xx

  5. I'm using the Bioderma for about a year now and I love it. I use it everyday to remove my makeup. I stocked up when I was in Paris so I don't think think I will be buying any "dupes" anytime soon. :)

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  6. I'm running out of my bioderma so Im very happy to have come across your blog and discovered the garnier one! thanks!!
    Lizzy | elizabethsophiee x

  7. I might try the Garnier one, right now I'm using a Vichy one and I really like it :) x

  8. Love your post soo much. I love the garner one! Please read my latest post as I gave a little review on garnier in my beauty haul on my blog.

  9. Been wanting to try out Bioderma for a while now, but cleansing waters haven't seem to have caught on in Canada. :( Wish it was more readily available.

    1. Hi, i actually found mine at my local Shoppers Drug Mart in Montreal, hopefully you'll be able to find it. I just started using it and I really like it a lot.

  10. I have never tried Bioderma, but I have been using the Garnier one & quite like it. I use it at a pre cleanse and it does the job of removing most of my makeup. If you have a Savers shop near you I found the Garnier Micellar Water in there for £2.99

  11. I've been thinking about trying the Garnier Micellar Water as I prefer a cheaper alternative to Bioderma and I'm almost finished my bottle of L'Oreal, I'm definitely keen to give this a go now! :) x


  12. I'm in two minds about what micellar water to buy! I think I may just need to try both! :) Hehe.
    Lovely review!

    Ellis Tuesday

  13. I have been really enjoying the Garniers micellar water. I never particularly liked L’oreal’s version!

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  15. i havent given a try to the loreal and garnier one but i am considering..not sure if i will ike them

  16. I'm using the Loreal one at the moment, and just like you said, it leaves a tacky feeling and is kind of sobby. I will give the Garnier one a go next time! Thanks for this review!

    xo Mélane
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  17. I want to try the garnier cleansing water but every garnier product I've tried so far as broke me out, so it makes me nervous. I might just splurge and try the bioderma.

  18. I have a review of Bioderma coming up on my blog soon, I wasn't actually that blown away by Bioderma, I think I prefer my L'Oreal option!

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  19. I too have used L'Oreal, Garnier, Bioderma and have one from Vichy and I have to say personally they all do what they say on the tin but I agree with you, they're not skincare replacements. I like to use them to feel like I've got the majority of my make up off my face, if I'm being lazy or playing with make up at home…


  20. Oooh I might have to try the Garnier version, I am very loyal to my Bioderma but it is quite pricy. I've tired the L'Oreal version and it was way too greasy for my combination skin :)
    xxx Claire


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