How to save money on mid-high end beauty products!

There's quite a few beauty items in my collection that I've never paid full price for. There are many ways you can save money on mid-higher end beauty, with the key for me is being able to shop around.

Highstreet Foundations

There are some major beauty gems on the highstreet. Finding a foundation, however can be tricky. As I'm very pale, I find lots of foundations run too dark/orange for my complexion.

Toners: An Overview

I never used to pay much attention to skincare toners but since blogging I've adapted my skincare routine and added a few to my rota.

The Dupe List

left: ebay// right: topshop

In my neverending quest to find a bargain I've spotted some amazing dupes. First up is Topshop. Now I've just started getting into Topshop again but their prices can be quite steep (when you're used to paying a tenner for a jumper in primarni, £30 seems a lot!).

New In: Revlon Highlighting Palette Rose Glow

Today's super quick lunchtime purchase came courtesy of Revlon, after I spied this beauty on its lonesome on the stand (it was fate I tell ya). I've been eyeing this up for a while after spotting it on an American blog. There's a lack of highlighters at the lower end of the market and this one is clearly reminiscent of Bobbi Browns shimmer brick.

Week in Beauty #4

Its been a great week beauty wise. I've made a few new discoveries but also brought one or two items out of my stash.

Love Me Beauty Box January 2014

Last year, Love Me Beauty was a brand I was impressed with. This months beauty box has just arrived on my doorstep so lets see what January's box has to offer.

All-a-glow for Faux Radiance

In January, I try to get into a good routine for the warmer months ahead (which seems ages away right now). Today, I have a few products that help with achieving a lovely, radiant glow.

Beauty On The Horizon

Today, I have a few new beauty products to share with you. First is a new primer from Maybelline. 

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Pencil in Striking

The latest (dare I say hyped) beauty product on the highstreet are the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Pencils - £7.99 (currently 3 for 2 at boots). Officially, they're released today but they've been on some stands since last week. As Revlon are my favourite 'drugstore' brand, I picked up the shade striking.

MAC Prep & Prime CC Colour Correct Collection

I've fallen a bit behind with whats new on the MAC front but I'm back on track with the new prep and prime cc colour correct collection.

Light Lips

Lightweight lip formulas are my thing. Its always nice to have a slick of colour on your lips without it feeling dry or yukky. I've compiled a small list of a few of the good weightless lip products out there.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Meet the newest micellar water on the block. You may have already spotted the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in Superdrug. I've yet to find it in Boots but it should be rolled out shortly.

No More January Blues: A Pamper Post

January isn't really a great month for me. I struggle with the blues (apparently today is blue Monday - how apt!). As its freezing outside, I find it quite nice to have a night in with a few pampering products, a magazine or dvd and a few sweet treats.

Week in Beauty #3

For this weeks favourite items, four new products have come into play which is pretty much unheard of in my routine.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Sometimes all my skin needs is simple hydration. When it comes to moisturising, I've found I don't really need anything too fancy. Some of my favourite formulas are from the high street.

A Week in Beauty #2

I spent last night and this morning giving the blog a little refresh for the new year. I'm hoping to make a few templates and offer them for free at some point, when I have some spare time. I'm not a web designer but I kinda like making them and I'm aiming to create some pretty styles. Anyway on to this weeks beauty favourites.

Up and Coming in 2014

There are a few beauty products I'm looking forward to seeing/buying/window shopping this year. The main one being MAC's Maleficent collection which ties in with the disney movie. A few others that have already caught my eye include Dior's spring collection.

I Heart Nuxe

Ahh Nuxe skincare, one of my best discoveries since starting a beauty blog. Nuxe are a french skincare brand widely available in the UK. I adore the melting cleansing gel with rose petals (note to self: must repurchase!) but lately this trio have come to the forefront of my skincare routine.

The Cheek of It - A Beautiful Blush Duo!

Blusher is my absolute favourite makeup item. A little blush can help any complexion look brighter. I usually opt for a powder blush but now and again I like a cream texture. Recently, I've been using both textures together to bring an extra flush to my cheeks.

Bite Sized Beauty

Sometimes you don't wanna splash out on a product without testing it beforehand. That's always easier said than done. Some counters will give you a tiny sample if you ask but 9 times out if 10 you're unlikely to get samples of items you want to try.

A Week in Beauty

This week, I've been bringing back a few old favourites. I've been very eagle-eyed when it comes to sale shopping. Truth be told, the sales were a bit of a dud but I did manage to snag one or two bargains.

The Shine Solver: Sexy Hair Big Shine Spray

Ahh the quest for shiny locks. I've tried and tested many products over the years with the anticipation of clean, healthy hair. Shiny hair is often seen as an indicator of good health but its also easy to fake (with a little help).

A Skincare Refresh

Hello & happy new year! With a new year comes a new skincare routine. I've added a few new products to my routine recently. My complexion has been a little troublesome in past weeks. I used a product that my skin didn't agree with, resulting in a few painful blemishes. I'm not a massive lush fan but I picked up the tea tree toner to help clear up my skin. Tea tree has anti-bacterial properties and I usually find it does the trick in combating spots.